Islam’s Use of Bart Ehrman

Keith Thompson from Answering Islam has put together a nice little piece titled; Bart Ehrman: A Hero for Islam?” In this article, Thompson addresses the Islamic use of Bart Ehrman (the Muslims will often use Ehrman’s books as a source to claim New Testament manuscript corruption), and then turns the tables and uses Bart Ehrman to support many essential Christian beliefs that the Qur’an rejects (like Jesus’ death via crucifixion and His deity). It is well worth the read…

As a side note, in Jan/2009, I attended a debate between Dr. Ehrman and Dr. James R. White from Alpha and Omega Ministries, a Christian apologetics organization. In this debate, Dr. Ehrman stated that no work from antiquity could or should be viewed as a reliable source of history (a paraphrase, please keep in mind, but that was the force of his comments). Hence, this comment would also apply to the Qur’an and noting this, the Islamic appeal to Ehrman is puzzling. Meaning, the Qur’an falls under the rubric of “works from antiquity” that cannot be trusted as a source of reliable history (according to Ehrman himself, although he did not mention the Qur’an by name) and as a result, the Islamic appeal to Ehrman actually works to contradict their own position. If anyone is interested in this debate, it can be found here for a small (and well worth it) fee.


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