The Qur’an’s Lack of Truth: Part 5

In part 4 of this series, I mentioned the Islamic teaching of “tanzih” or rather, Allah’s “ultra-transcendence” whereby NOTHING in our human experience can explain him. In mentioning this, I stated that if this were true, then the Qur’an cannot be what it claims to be, a positive revelation of Allah and hence, it is self contradictory and should be rejected on its own grounds. To support this teaching, I cited Sura 42:11 as an example. Well, it just so happens that the good folks at Answering Islam agree with this assessment and have written a very destructive article on this subject which I stumbled across today. The review of this teaching can be found in the article “The Impossibility of the Revelation of the Qur’an” and it should prove to be very educational.


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