Harold Camping, the False Prophet

Have you heard the news? The Rapture is coming and coming quick. In fact, we only have three days until judgment, according to the famed cult leader Harold Camping of Family Radio. Displayed on the home page of Family Radio, is this warning to all;

Yes, the false prophets are out again, except, this time, there’s a twist, because this is the era of the “World Wide Web,” and people are taking notice. In fact, atheists around the world are planning “Rapture Parties” to bring in this May 21 day of judgment. Yes, for a 24 hour period, atheists around the world will be live streaming a celebration to usher in the doom and gloom of  Camping’s prediction; a prediction he also made in 1994. Yet again, the Christian community will be labeled as a bunch of buffoons who believe in fairy tales that do not come to pass. And, once again, a so-called prophet of God is going to bring shame upon the name of Jesus Christ, with his false prediction of the Second Coming of Christ.

I have been wondering what the followers of Camping will do come May 22. Will they simply spiritualize the prediction?  Will they renounce the teachings of Camping and turn to the orthodox faith? Will they denounce the Christian faith altogether? One thing is for sure, this is going to be interesting to say the least. And what about Camping? What will he do. He seems to have run out of options. In 1994, Camping claimed that he made a “miscalculation.” But this time he has guaranteed it. Why? Well, according to Camping, because the Bible guarantees it. Hence, the reliability of the Scripture’s will once again be put in doubt, not to true Christians of course, but rather, to the multitudes who see the cross of Christ as foolishness.

I only hope that God is gracious during this time and the millions of Camping followers will, by the grace of God, repent and believe the true Gospel and disavow their cult leader. Dr. James White made a wonderful point on his “Dividing Line” broadcast yesterday when he stated that we are seeing the rise and fall of a cult right before or very eyes with this event. I do pray that he’s correct – may it be so, Lord!

If you want to tune in Saturday to see how Camping and those at Family Radio attempt to get out of this failed prediction, click here. May God have mercy on their souls, and on the souls of the may atheist who will be mocking the Scriptures and the Lord who authored them!

UPDATE: Hummmm, I just tuned in to Family Radio and heard a plea from the announcer to partner with organization…yes, they want your money. Well, that would be senseless, considering they will all be gone in 3 days. Unbelievable!

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2 thoughts on “Harold Camping, the False Prophet


  2. I grieve for the people who are following this man, because many of them will have their faith crushed because of it. Everything that Camping says with regard to this “May 21st Judgement Day” thing is total conjecture, but he is 100% positive of these assumptions, because he is certain that the Bible tells us EVERYTHING, even though the Bible clearly tells us that the Day of Christ’s coming is something privy only to the Father.

    Also, everything else he teaches (that Christ followers who attend churches will be condemned on this day, since Satan himself is in control of them) is also total conjecture. What we have with this man is someone who has based his entire exegesis upon what HE believes to be true, regardless of what God’s Word actually says. He also condemns those who questions HIS interpretations as “scoffers,” even though they are merely questioning this individual’s personal interpretation.

    Who is God in this man’s mind–Harold Camping, or the Trinity. I’d say that he believes that the Trinity is still in control, but Camping also clearly believes that he’s the greatest prophet to set foot upon the Earth since John the Baptist (perhaps even greater); however, he and his followers (as opposed to Christ’s) have set themselves up for a fall.

    And, the Bible says that this will happen with many. They are on rocky ground, and so many’s faith will whither up and die. The “Left Behind” crowd are another group who are following a false premise, because the scripture does not say that Christ will come prior to the great tribulation (which Camping is actually right about). So many have a deep-seeded faith that the rapture is coming prior to anything disheartening and troubling occurring in THEIR lives, and when that comes, that faith will be severely shaken. Matthew 24:13 says that only those who “endure until the end will be saved.” Who is “enduring” today? Are we truly enduring, or are we simply expectantly waiting?

    One reason why I knew for a fact that today could not be “judgement day” is because so much of scripture has not yet been fulfilled. The “highway” between Syria and Egypt through Israel (where all three will worship the ONE TRUE GOD together as equal partners in God’s sight) mentioned in Isaiah 19 has not yet occurred. Primary Islamic nation will turn to Christ in our lifetimes, according to this scripture, but this obviously has not yet occurred.

    Also, who is the Antichrist? What is the “mark of the beast?” So much of what the scripture talks about with regard to people and events which will occur in the time of the end are apparently dismissed by Camping as being mere metaphors for other things–all of which stems completely out of his very personal “interpretation.” This is the hight of nonsensical exegesis. Hundreds of years of careful exegesis has been blown away by this ONE man?

    I weep for this man and his followers. God’s Word is true, and it will rightly divide truth from what they are telling the world. Unfortunately, the world will condemn all of Christianity along with them, and the folly of their heresy will be put upon us also. God’s Word will be mocked and defamed because of this, and some will fall away. We must remain steadfast, though, and ENDURE, because that is Biblically essential. That is what scripture tells us that we MUST do.

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