1 Cor. 6:9 and the Homosexual: Part 2

An article that I have found very helpful of the subject of homosexuality and the Bible comes by way of  Thomas R. Schreiner, from SBTS. In his article, “A New Testament Perspective on Homosexuality,” Dr. Schreiner breaks down the main arguments from the Scriptures on this issue, showing clearly, the prohibition against such actions. He also gives an excellent overview of Jewish extra-biblical sources on this issue, which all unilaterally condemn such actions. This should prove to be a very helpful essay.

Another excellent resource is the late Greg L. Bahnsen’s journal article; “In the Shadow of Sodom: Does the Bible Really Say What We Thought About Homosexuality?” Dr. Bahnsen was an amazing apologist, philosopher and theologian (he was nicknamed “The Man that Atheists Fear Most”), who also authored a book on this subject titled, “Homosexuality: A Biblical View,” as well as engaging in a number of public debates on this issue.


2 thoughts on “1 Cor. 6:9 and the Homosexual: Part 2

  1. Bahnsen is a great hero in the faith…if only he lived longer! It’s amazing how much literary and audio output the man has covering vast amount of subjects from theonomy to apologetics and philosophy

    • SLIMJIM, I agree. I often wonder what the Hitchens and Barkers of the world would do if he were still alive – besides get punished in debate. In regards to his audio, I have about one hundred of his mp3 lectures. What a true defender of the faith. BTW, I checked out your page and love it. Keep fighting the good fight, brother!

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