Theistic Evolution and Preconditions

The “Transcendental Argument for the Existence of God” argues in short that worldviews which oppose the Bible and the God of the Bible, fall well short of being able to account for the preconditions of intelligibility. What this means is opposing worldviews cannot account for that which is essential to understand human experience, such as the logical absolutes, the uniformity of nature and an objective moral standard. All of these things (and there are many more) are essential if one is going to understand the world around them. In short, the “TAG” proves the existence of the Christian God from the impossibility of the contrary; because without the Christian God, a person could not prove anything at all.

With that said, recently, I have been reading over (astrophysicist) Dr. Jason Lisle’s book titled “The Ultimate Proof of Creation,” which addresses this subject. Within its pages, Dr. Lisle devotes a section to refute the Theistic Evolutionary (TE) worldview, which is very helpful because it demonstrates the epistemological emptiness of the their perspective. Because of their denial of the literal meaning of Genesis, those who support TE are in the same state as the unbeliever when it comes to preconditions, because they have denied the very Scriptures (in part) which gives a person the ability to account for uniformity. Note Dr. Lisle’s comments below and I highly urge you to read this excellent work. If you like Greg Bahnsen, you will likewise enjoy Dr. Lisle.

Theistic Evolution Won’t Save the Day

Some evolutionists might argue that they can account for uniformity just as the biblical creationist does — by appealing to a God who upholds the universe in a law-like fashion. After all, evolutionists are not necessarily atheists. Many of them believe that some sort of god used evolution to form the various living creatures: this is “theistic evolution.” However, simply adding a god to evolution will not resolve the problem.This is because there is no guarantee that their god will uphold the future in a consistent fashion as the Christian God does. Even if they say that they believe in the Christian God, this will not solve the problem. We could ask, “How do you know that God will uphold the future as He has upheld the past?” The biblical creationist can answer this question: “The Bible teaches this.” But the theistic evolutionist cannot give a good answer to this because he does not accept the Bible (at least not all of it, e.g., Genesis).

To be clear, a theistic evolutionist may very well believe that God (or a god) will uphold the future as He has upheld the past (and thus that the laws of nature will not change with time). But remember, a belief must have a good reason if it is to be considered rational, and not simply an arbitrary opinion. A biblical creationist does have a good reason for this belief: God has revealed in His Word that He will uphold the universe in a consistent fashion. But a theistic evolutionist must deny the Bible as his authoritative standard (because he rejects Genesis), and therefore cannot appeal to the Bible as the basis for his knowledge of God. As a last resort, the theistic evolutionist may say, “But I accept much of the Bible. I just don’t believe in a literal Genesis. So I do believe in uniformity based on the teaching of Scripture.” But this fails for two reasons. First, the same Bible that teaches uniformity also teaches that God created the universe in six days. It is arbitrary and inconsistent to accept one while denying the other. Second, the basis of uniformity is found in Genesis (e.g., Gen. 8:22), which a theistic evolutionist does not accept. Without biblical creation, the rational basis for uniformity is lost. A theistic evolutionist does not have a good reason to believe in uniformity, and thus has no foundation for science. It’s not just any god that is required in order to make sense of uniformity; it is the Christian God as revealed in the Bible. Only a God who is beyond time, consistent, faithful, all-powerful, omnipresent, and who has revealed Himself to mankind can guarantee that there will be uniformity throughout space and time.Therefore, only biblical creationists can account for the uniformity in nature.

Lisle, Jason. “The Ultimate Proof of Creation.” Master Books. Green Forest, AR. Kindle Edition:2009. Location 755.


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