New Sermon Upload: “The Tri-Unity of God”

Today’s sermon was on the topic of the Trinity. To download this sermon, please click here. Also, take the time to appreciate this quote which was used in the sermon, from Cornelius Van Til.

The fact that God exists as a concrete self-sufficient being appears clearly in the doctrine of the Trinity. Here the God who is numerically and not merely specifically one when compared with any other form of being, now appears to have within Himself a distinction of specific and numerical existence. We speak of the essence of God in contrast to the three persons of the God-head. We speak of God as a person [meaning, a personal being]; yet we speak also of three persons in the God-head. As we say that each of the attributes of God is to be identified with the being of God, while yet we are justified in making a distinction between them, so we say that each of the persons of the Trinity is exhaustive of divinity itself, while yet there is a genuine distinction between the persons. Unity and plurality are equally ultimate in the God-head. The persons of the God-head are mutually exhaustive of one another and therefore of the essence of the God-head. God is a one conscious being, and yet He is also a tri-conscious being. (Van Til, Cornelius. Systematic Theology)