Objective Morals Equal The Christian God

Here is a good video from J.P. Moreland on objective morality. The only “knock” I have on this video is the underlying methodology that is behind Morelands approach. Without the proper presuppositional understanding being injected into the argument (the Christian Theistic worldview),  the argument is reduced to an argument for “general theism,” rather than Christian Theism. Thus, the (general) argument (outside of its proper presuppositional foundation – the Bible) could be, point-in-fact, used to support any number of theistic systems of thought such as Islam or Mormonism. Hence, arguing this point without introducing the Christian Theistic worldview is a grave mistake. Nevertheless, HERE’S the video and I hope it proves helpful because what Moreland states here is spot-on correct.

The argument in short goes as follows: (1) objective moral law exists, (2) for an objective moral law to exist (which is universal, abstract and invariant in nature), there must be a transcendent source of this law, (3) this transcendent source is the Christian God. In noting this, it must be understood that when we speak of the Biblical argument, we must note that God did not “create” morality. Rather, the law of God is a reflection of His immutable character. With this noted, it is easy to see why the Moral Law is “invariant,” – because it is attribute of God which is extended into the creation.

Here is an additional video on this subject from Francis S. Collins for your viewing and learning pleasure…