Free Text Critical Studies on iTunes U

Alright, I can’t stop myself from posting this information and you should not stop yourself from taking advantage of this wonderful resource. The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts has posted a great wealth of textual critical studies on iTunes U for free download. Try the hyperlink below, but, if it not working, click HERE and go to the post titled “Free Audio & Video Now Available around the World on iTunes U” and click on the first link which reads “now available on iTunes U” (or use the link above if it is working properly).

Many of these studies are from Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, an expert in the are of New Testament text critical studies. Dr. Wallace also recently debated skeptic Bart Ehrman on the subject of the reliability of the New Testament, which can be found here for purchase. I have not listened to this particular debate, but, I did listen to Wallace and Ehrman go at it  a few years ago in New Orleans, where Dr. Wallace did a great job in refuting Ehrman’s arguments.