Philippians 2 and the Deity of Jesus

Dr. James R. White has provided yet another wonderful lecture on the deity of Christ; this time in reference to Philippians 2:1-11. Here, Dr. White exegetes verses 5-11 and demonstrates in true scholarly fashion why this section of Scripture is one of the clearest texts in the whole of Scripture regarding the full deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. Here are some key points:

  • Verses 1-4 speak to the humility of Christians towards one another. We are to be of one mind and count others needs above our own.

  • Verse 5 sets up the sermon illustration of the pre-incarnate Jesus entering into His creation.

  • Verse 6 speaks about Jesus having both the “form” of God and “equality” with God.

  • Verse 7 speaks of Jesus making Himsef “empty” by taking the “form” of a servant, which is qualified as being made in the likeness of men – an act which Jesus did Himself.

  • Verse 8 keeps in line with Paul’s point of humility, where the eternal second person of the Trinity humbled Himself to die, “even a cross death.”

  • Verse 9 elaborates on the Lord Jesus’ exaltation, where the second member of the Trinity returns to His position of exaltation as the “God-man” and is given the name above all names.

  • Verse 10 continues this line of thought, ascribing to Jesus His rightful title of YHWH.

  • And in verse 11, we see Inter-Trinitarian union as the Father is glorified by the Son’s actions and glory.

Here’s the program, again, which I highly suggest. Also, Dr. White is engaging in a debate today on this very subject with the anti-Trinitarian Patrick Navas. I will post the link to that audio as soon as it becomes available.