Trinity PowerPoint’s & PDF’s

In recent weeks, I have been teaching a Sunday morning class at my local church on the Triunity of God. Below, I have attached the lectures that I have been giving in both PowerPoint and PDF format for any and all to use. These will be a great tools for teaching and for one’s defense of the faith when encountering groups such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, members of the LDS Church or Oneness Pentecostals and they are for the most part, self-explanatory (except maybe in the Greek sections, sorry). I also pray that these are helpful for your everyday Christian walk and that they help to clarify a little bit further, the high and holy mystery of the Triunity of YHWH. Be Blessed…

Trinity PDF Version

The Trinity Updated 11_18_11 (PDF)

The Trinity Week 3 (PDF)

The Trinity Week 4 (PDF)

Trinity PowerPoint’s

The Trinity Updated 11_18_11 (PowerPoint – PP)

The Trinity Week 3 (PP)

The Trinity Week 4 (PP)