After All, We’re Just “Matter In Motion”…Right?

And so we are told by those who promote atheistic evolutionary origins. As wonderful as this might sound to those who rebel and hate God, the simple fact of the matter is, those who promote atheistic evolutionary origins can’t live or reason that way. To say that man is little more than a chance accident is a proposition that is betrayed by the evolutionists every move in human experience. They will tell us that man is just a random blip on the timeline of evolutionary chance, with no intrinsic value, yet they will go home and kiss their wife and newborn child as if there is such a thing called love. They will tell us that man is the product of randomness and that our moral and mental constitution is little more than electro-chemical responses to internal and external stimuli, yet, will attend the funeral of a deceased loved one, as if they had any objective worth.

The video below is just another wonderful example of the inconsistency and absurdity of the atheistic position, while we as Christians proclaim; “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’” (Psalm 14:1, ESV).