Romney, Obama and the Kingdom of Christ

If you are a conservative who is not on board with the Mitt Romney express, you have heard it said by now; “Not voting for Romney is a vote for Obama.” First, let’s deal with this horrific error. One thing needs to be pointed out right off that bat, a vote for neither Romney OR Obama is a NOT a vote for either one of them. How in the world does not voting for either one of them constitute a vote for one of them? Is this some sort of “default to the Liberal” system, where, like in pro wrestling, a tie or disqualification goes to the title holder? It’s just not so. If I vote for “person X,” up and against Romney and Obama, then, I have voted for “person X,” plain and simple, even if I know that “person X” has no real chance at winning. Let’s put this into perspective. If the apostle Paul were running today on his Biblical, Theonomic platform, how well do you think he would do in the polls in a post-Christian society that demands tolerance (for everything but the Christian view)? Not very well and I dare say that many, who even profess to be Christian, would not vote for him. Now let’s say that Paul was only generating 1% of the pre-election vote, and, I voted for him regardless of polling statistics. Now I ask you, would this have been a “wasted vote, in favor of President Obama?” Of course not, yet, we are told time after time that, “A vote against Romney is a vote for Obama.” Now I grant that the apostle Paul is in glory with the Triune King of Scripture and will not be running for political office (and, that he would not be eligible under the laws of the Republic, seeing how he would not have been a “natural born citizen”), but, that does not stop me from researching a third party candidate who best represents the Christian Theistic world and life view. We have a “moral obligation” to God to vote for those who most closely represent His political position, which is that He is King and ruler of every square inch of the universe, in His Triune majesty.

Next, from an evangelistic and apologetic perspective, Romney is an absolute train wreck waiting to happen. Let us not forget that Romney is a member of a cult. In apologetics, a cult is a system of thought or belief that either attempts to correct or replace Christianity by altering and/or attacking the Deity of Jesus Christ, and/or, attacks the nature and Deity of the Triune God-head. Picture this, Mitt Romney wins the election and “main-streams” Mormonism. As a result, the “cult” sensitivities which are already being eroded away in our post-Christian culture, find a four to eight year home in American life and living rooms. What would that do to the Christian apologetic and to evangelism? Mormonism would be accepted, in an even greater way then it is now, as “just another Christian denomination.” What a horrid proposition to consider. Let us remember, this is a man who believes and teaches a system that proclaims that “Our Heavenly Father” was once a sinner, and a man, who became a god. This is a system that proclaims that the Triune God-head is three separate gods. This is a system that denies the inspiration of the Bible in promotion of its added LDS writings. This is a system that denies the virgin birth of Christ and states that “the Father” came down and had physical relations with Mary. This is a system that believes God resides near a star called Kolob, (Pearl of Great Price, p. 34-35). This is a system that believes that Jesus and Satan are “spirit brothers.” This is a system that denies the atoning work of the Lord Jesus and proclaims that works are necessary for salvation. This is a system that denies monotheism and is the most (potentially) polytheistic system in existence, where everyone potentially can become “a god.” This is a system that is attempting to “correct Christianity” because the true message of the Gospel had been lost. And the list could go on.

I’m sorry, but Christians must finally take a stand and give up the “American Ideal” for Biblical discernment. This is not about American culture, but rather, it’s a matter of the Kingdom of Christ. Could you picture any of the apostles telling their readers or followers to vote for one of the Gnostics of their day? Of course not, yet as we speak (or read), we have Christian leaders telling other Christians to vote for an individual who promotes and rejects the Triune God. But one might say, and be correct in saying, “If President Obama gets elected, and Romney fails, things will only get worse for us.” Yes, indeed they most likely will, but, how did things get to this point in the first place? Answer: by forsaking and rejecting the Triune God of Scripture, the very solution that some are offering by promoting a potential Mormon President. Hence, if we want to see real change in culture, if we want to see lasting effects in society for the “good” (which is defined by the nature of God and His holy law), then we as Christians need to be more focused on the proliferation of the Gospel through the Great Commission, rather than ousting the President and getting Romney elected. Yes, we have a moral obligation to limit or end suffering, and, some suffering would be halted by voting President Obama out of office. However, these are only temporal sufferings which pale in comparison to the spiritual damage that could be done by a potential Mormon President, masking his faith under the rubric of “the faith once delivered to the saints” (Jude, 1:3).

We as a culture are indeed in a real pickle and if you’re like me, you do not want either one of these candidates. Solution, vote for the person who reflects the Biblical worldview to the highest degree, regardless of their ability to win or vote count.