An Exegesis of Isaiah 53

During this past week, I listened to a wonderful study of the text of Isaiah 53 via Dr. James R. White and Dr. Michael Brown. I highly recommend this study and I hope that it sheds a great deal of light on this wonderful text of Scripture. Here are the comments from James White’s website:


Today on the Dividing Line: Isaiah 53 with Dr. Michael L. Brown

05/31/2012 – James White

Always a pleasure to have my good friend and brother in the Lord Michael Brown on The Dividing Line (even when we were debating each other!). Today we did a 90 minute program on a topic I have wanted to do for a long time, Isaiah 53. I hope to have this program posted as a stand-alone mp3 for distribution far and wide, not only amongst our Jewish friends but our Muslim friends as well. Michael and I worked through Isaiah 52:13 through the end of chapter 53 based upon the Hebrew text, taking into consideration at a few points the Septuagint and Targums as well. I hope many will listen carefully and be encouraged by this tremendous portion of prophetic Scripture! Here’s the program.