James White v. the Arminain Branch of the SBC

Over the past couple of years, theologian Dr. James R. White of Alpha and Omega Ministries has been the target of a number of members of the SBC due to his strong Calvinistic views. In addition, Dr. White has been an outspoken critic of Dr. Ergun Caner, who had embellished his personal past on a number of occasions in public settings, which in return drew the “wrath” of Norman Geisler towards Dr. White. With that said, it looks like church politics has forced Dr. White to withdrawal from an upcoming speaking event in October of this year in Dallas and most sadly, he has been forced to abandon his upcoming debate with a Oneness Pentecostal because the church venue does not want to host this “troublemaker” (who is simply attempting to live out the faith that he so faithfully proclaims).


Think about the ramifications of this for a moment. Dr. White, who is arguably the most dedicated and proficient Christian apologist today (I would vote for either Dr. White or Douglas Wilson), has been forced to forgo his debate plans because of personal vendetta and ego’s within the SBC (I say this because apparently, someone or a number of “someones” contacted the church that Dr. White was going to speak at and applied pressure to them and in return, they informed White that he would not be welcomed at their venue). The information concerning all of this has been taken down from White’s website, so I cannot link you to the original post which details this information. But, if accurate, these individuals have in essence taken the words of eternal life away from countless numbers of Oneness adherents, all for the sake of politics. If I am wrong about this, I will be the first to modify this post in the future. However, if I am correct, shame on you individuals who would place your personal issues with Dr. White as a stumbling block for the many wayward folks who could have benefited from this always prepared apologist. I guess the Great Commission does not matter to these folks if they can get a dig on their enemy. How sad.


I will attempt to update this information as quickly as possible but in the meantime, be in prayer for Dr. White, who is being attacked by Christians for acting like a Christian.