Some of you may have seen the headlines; “New ancestor of pre-humans found.” What I am speaking about is the discovery in Siberia of a single pinkie bone that has led researchers to proclaim that this newly discovered “X woman” is “about twice as distant from humans on the evolutionary tree as from Neanderthals.”

My question is, when are we going to get it? The media runs stories such as this, as if they are factual because they come from the messiah of science, and then they turn around and publish stories that condemn the Colorado shooter as if he actually, objectively did something wrong. But, you can’t have it both ways. Either we are evolved bags of protoplasm, brought about by a random chance evolutionary occurrence, or, we are made as the image bearers of God  (yes, there are other religions, but these are so philosophically convoluted that they just cannot in any sense account for human experience and origins). For the former of these two propositions, there is no objective morality to call the Colorado shootings “wrong” or “evil” because after all, we are just advanced animals. In this worldview, there is no “ought” – why ought I not murder my neighbor? – there simply is the action of bags of a chance collection of cells that are controlled by the forces of physics where internal and external stimuli cause one to act in a particular fashion. There is no freedom of the will, there is no objective moral responsibility, there is no standard of right or wrong, good or evil.

However, consider the opposite. The God of the Bible provides the necessary moral framework to call what happened in that Colorado theater objectively wrong and evil. This is because God’s prohibition against taking innocent life is not based on the whims or opinions of man or men, but rather, it is based on His unchanging holy character. Murder is wrong, absolutely wrong, because it violates the character of God, the God who has created and will judge all mankind.

All I ask is that the evolutionists live according to their worldview. If we are in fact, random chance mistakes, live that way. But of course, they can’t and despite all of their rhetoric, when push comes to shove, they borrow the Christian worldview to condemn events such as the one described above. As Paul says in Romans 1:18, they “suppress the truth in unrighteousness.” To suppress the truth, you must first know the truth and they do know the truth about God, which is why they cry foul, wrong and evil when something take place like the Colorado shootings.