Three Quick Notes

First, there has been a good deal of “conversionism” as of late, with Jason Stellman and Tyler McNabb both leaving Christ’s church for Romanism. Please pray that the Lord in His grace will restore these individuals to the one true faith up and against the endless and never soul fulfilling ritualism of Rome. Second, if you are an adherent of credobaptism and totally opposed to the paedobaptism of the reformed church, please be gracious. I cannot count how often I see brothers in Christ taking potshots at their fellow brothers and sisters because of this theological difference (and it does not seem to be the other way around, although, I have read in the past where reformed folks will call out Reformed Baptists and proclaim that they are not reformed or reformed enough…which equally seems to be “fight picking words” which contribute little to unity…there is indeed a place for discussion, but, taking potshots is not the way to go about it). Finally, I am currently reading a very good book on the subject of infant baptism for any and all who are interested titled, “Jesus Loves The Little Children: Why We Baptize Infants” by Daniel R. Hyde. This is an easy to read book of only 100 pages that is an excellent primer to the doctrine of paedo-baptism. I suggest it to any that have questions about this precious doctrine. Blessings to all of you!