Sunday School (3/3/13): The Foreknowledge of God and Moral Responsibility

Today’s Sunday School lesson dealt with God’s exhaustive foreknowledge and man’s moral responsibility. What I attempted to demonstrate today was multi-fold. First, if God knows a future event, and if He knows it perfectly, than it is a necessary truth that the event will come to pass. Meaning, the event’s certainty is tied to the perfect nature of God’s knowledge and God does not know anything mistakenly. However, this does not mean the the event itself comes about necessarily; even though it is certain to come about. 

We also spoke to the issue of both natural and moral inability, noting that moral responsibility comes about when one is not coerced into doing an action. The point being that God’s foreknowledge and fore-ordination of an event DOES NOT amount to coercion.  Here’s the MP3 and God bless.

God’s Foreknowledge and the Future  (Please Note: You will need to right click and save this audio)

I also highly suggest the sermon below which was preached by my pastor today where he evaluated Ephesians chapters 1-2 in a most edifying fashion.

“The Miracle Of The Survival Of God’s People”