New Sunday School Lesson: “Our Knowledge of God” (03/24/13)

Today’s Sunday School focused on how we can know God, where we pondered the question whether it’s truly possible to think God’s thoughts after Him. Coming out of the last three lessons, we defined true human freedom, or, freedom of will as the “ability to do good,” and then we dug into the Scriptural support of this, along with other various passages that speak to our knowing God’s thoughts in a salvific sense, as well as the unbeliever knowing God’s thoughts in a general sense, which is why they can come to know anything true in their human experience. See the MP3 below for this teaching.

Our Knowledge of God 03_24_13

Also, for any and all who are interested, a full treatment of this topic can be found in John Frame’s excellent work, The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God, which can be found HERE.