Here is the study from the last three weeks concerning exegesis and the Book of Revelation. Please forgive me for being so slow in posting this; the Thanksgiving holiday threw me off a bit. Also, please remember that in this study, we are addressing this section of Scripture from a Post-mill perspective. Hence, if you have never been exposed to this position, it may sound a bit odd to you, but, I urge you to listen and to study the differing interpretations contained therein, because they have been believed throughout the generations of the church.  Also, from today’s lesson, we speak to the issue of the ancient Near Eastern mindset and worldview that encompassed Israel during the time of the penning of the Old Testament (a critical aspect to understanding the OT in its proper and historical context). There are three titles that I would suggest on this subject, which can be found below. Be blessed and here’s the studies…

Rev. Study 20131117

Rev Study 20131201

Rev Study 20131215\

The Bible Among the Myths

Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament: Introducing the Conceptual World of the Hebrew Bible

Against the Gods: The Polemical Theology of the Old Testament