Sunday School: Westminster Confession of Faith (Chapt 1)

This week we began a long Sunday School series on the Westminster Confession of Faith. The first speaker is Rodney Edwards, an elder here at ARPCA. Elder Edwards gives a brief history of the WCF and then afterwards, I addressed the first two points of chapter 1. First I speak to the issue of general vs. special revelation and then I address the issue of the “canon” of Scripture and how we came to recognize what books should be in the Bible.

PLEASE NOTE: I failed to recognize in the audio that I utilized some of the work of Dr. Michael J. Kruger, and his article “Ten Basic Facts About the NT Canon that Every Christian Should Memorize.” Dr. Kruger is one of the foremost scholars in the world on the issue of the Biblical canon and this article (above) is extremely helpful. It is also the list/article I read from near the end of the lecture (that I failed to cite). Here’s the study and happy Lord’s Day.

WCF STUDY WEEK 1 (1/19/14)

WCF WEEK 1 PowerPoint