Calvin and the Defense of the Deity of Christ

As I was reading through John Calvin’s Institutes today, I was struck by how fluid and powerful his argument was regarding the absolute deity of Christ, up and against the various false teachings of his day. The “ink is still wet” regarding Calvin’s work, and here is a short example of his thoughts in the defense of the Trinity (For more, see Book 1, chapter 13 of The Institutes of the Christian Religion).

I ask, moreover, whether they think Christ should be worshiped. If he claims justly, that every knee shall bow to him, it follows that he is the God who, in the law, forbade worship to be offered to any but himself. If they insist on applying to the Father only the words of Isaiah, “I am, and besides me there is none else,” (Is. 44:6), I turn the passage against themselves, since we see that every property of God is attributed to Christ. [103] There is no room for the cavil that Christ was exalted in the flesh in which he humbled himself, and in respect of which all power is given to him in heaven and on earth. For although the majesty of King and Judge extends to the whole person of the Mediator, yet had he not been God manifested in the flesh, he could not have been exalted to such a height without coming into collision with God. And the dispute is admirably settled by Paul, when he declares that he was equal with God before he humbled himself, and assumed the form of a servants (Phil. 2:6, 7). Moreover, how could such equality exist, if he were not that God whose name is Jah and Jehovah, who rides upon the cherubim, is King of all the earth, and King of ages? Let them glamour as they may, Christ cannot be robbed of the honour described by Isaiah, “Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him,” (Is. 25:9); for these words describe the advent of God the Redeemer, who was not only to bring back the people from Babylonish captivity, but restore the Church, and make her completely perfect.
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