Sermon: “God’s Grace Through Baptism”

So often in our culture, the sacrament of baptism is treated as an empty ceremony that functions as the believers profession of faith to the world that he or she is now a follower of Christ. Because of this, the meaning and richness of baptism has been greatly reduced to a subjective response by the creature about their new status as followers of Christ. However, is that really what the Bible teaches about baptism? Is it truly a subjective proclamation by the believer, and nothing more?  Or rather, is baptism in actuality, a means of grace where God Himself is making a public and objective deceleration over the individual being baptized, namely, that he or she has now entered into the Covenant of Grace, with none other than the Lord Jesus Christ being the representative head of that covenant. It is certainly the latter of these propositions that I see within the Scriptures, and it’s only with this view in mind that one can see the amazing continuity between God’s covenant people throughout the ages, with the  Scriptural command to apply the covenant sign firmly in place when the sacrament of baptism is viewed through the lens of the covenant. I do hope that you find this sermon both informative and edifying, and likewise, if you have never heard of baptism spoken about in such a manner, that you will give a listen and determine for yourself what the true meaning of baptism is…with the prayer that the Holy Spirit will illuminate you on this most wonderful topic. Be blessed and here’s the sermon from 03/02/14.

God’s Grace Through Baptism