Philippians 2:6-11 PowerPoint

Philippians chapter 2 is one of the bedrocks of orthodox Christology, providing for the reader an amazing summation of the eternal existence, essence/nature and work of the divine Son from eternity past into the present. This text allows the reader to roll back the eternal history of the Son (to a limited degree) and His existence as the second person of the Trinity; a history in which He shared equality and glory with the Father. While in seminary, I wrote my Greek term paper on this amazing section of Scripture, and now I have provided a compact version below in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that I utilized for my Sunday School class on the Trinity. I hope that you find this helpful and one thing is certain, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has eternally existed as YHWH the Son and holds all of the rights and privileges as the divine and eternal theosHe is very God of very God! (For those of you who would like to pour through the entire Greek exegesis of this section of Scripture, my Greek exegesis of this text of below the PowerPoint)