A Great Quote by Bahnsen

Just a quick thought. When one considers that the Christian faith is the only worldview that can account for the pre-conditions of human experience, one has to wonder how we could be so timid at times in declaring this truth to the world. Often, we simply attempt to befriend the general public, and in doing so, we in essence deny our Lord and Savior in the process. In contrast, consider this quote from Greg L. Bahnsen, because he hits the nail on the head…

“We must not be satisfied to present Christianity as the most reliable position to hold among the competing options available. Rather, the Christian faith is the only reasonable outlook available to men.” 

― Greg L. Bahnsen, Presuppositional Apologetics: Stated and Defended

BTW. This is an amazing apologetic work if you get the time to read it. However, I would suggest that you get started with Bahnsen’s work, “Always Ready” as a primer, or even, “Pushing the Antithesis.”