You May Want to Consider Your Worldview

As I was fueling up my van this morning at a local corner store, I noticed a SUV pull into the parking lot with a great deal of bumper stickers. Catching my attention was one sticker in particular, which was in the shape of the Christian “fish” symbol with feet that read, “DARWIN.” As I continued to watch the SUV, a young lady in her early to mid-twenties proceeded to exit the vehicle and the thought crossed my mind, “I bet this young lady, who is obviously so proud of her naturalistic-materialism, has never even stopped to ponder the basic presuppositions of her position.”

For example, did this proud young lady ever consider that the building block of her worldview is the presupposition of “Once there was nothing, and now there is something.” How? They dunno! Or, has she ever considered her worldviews presupposition of “Once there was disorder, and now there is order.”? How? They Dunno? Well, maybe she has considered the third of such presuppositions that her worldview is based on, namely, “Once there was non-life, and now there’s life.” How? Dunno? Or, has she ever really considered that her worldview posits that she is a thinking being with the ability to use rationality, and how nonsensical it is to believe that this happened by unrelated, random chance mutation? On this same note, I’m sure being a Darwinist, she is very proud to proclaim that she is an intelligent, thinking woman who is logical, because after all, that religion stuff is for the simple minded and she is a disciple of science. But, I’m quite sure she has never really thought through this issue in-depth, because if she did, she would realize quickly that her materialistic worldview cannot support laws of thought and universal abstractions, such as the laws of logic. After all, in a materialistic universe, all that exists is material “stuff,” and laws in general and laws of logic and morality in particular are not materialistic in nature. Hence, her worldview is wrong and impossible – but, who really worries about the little things any longer.

In short, todays encounter is just another example of the lack of critical thinking in our culture, and once again I was reminded of how grateful I am that the Lord in His grace rescued me form this type of worldly thinking and I pray that He will do the same for this young lady. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge (Prov 1.7), and it’s only in Jesus Christ where all of the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are located (Col 2.3), because He is the author of life and experience – He is the ALL CONDITIONER.