Back in the Saddle Again

Blessings to all of you and I do hope this post finds you well. My apologies for not posting for a while, as I was in a transition stage while moving from Montana to Florida. As many of you know, moves such as this can be quite hard and my first priority (humanly speaking) was to get the family reestablished and secure. Having done so (by the grace and faithfulness of God) and having completed my exams with the PCA, I now have an opportunity to address some issues that I find quite interesting regarding apologetics and apologetic methodology.

The first issue I will be addressing over the course of the coming weeks is the issue of self-deception and the denial of God. It is interesting to note in Romans 1.18, that all believers have a true knowledge of the one true (and Triune) God, YHWH, yet they suppress this truth in unrighteousness. Hence, this knowledge is a knowledge of condemnation, rather than a knowledge of exaltation.

Consider how self-deception works by this one simple example: little Johnny has been expelled from his last two schools, and now, at his new school, the front office is calling his mother to inform her that Johnny has been stealing the other children’s lunch money. The mother, in her condition of self-deception, denies that Johnny could ever do such a thing, because after all, he’s a wonderful little child. But, the interesting aspect to this story is that privately, Johnny’s mother will never leave him alone in the same room as her purse, in fear that he will take what is in her wallet.

This is, in a roundabout way, the self-deception of the unbeliever regarding the God of the Bible. They know the truth (about Johnny or God) and they suppress the truth (about Johnny or God) becaue they do not wish to face the reality of their condition. I do hope you will join me as we address this interesting topic, and until that time, may the Lord of glory bless you and yours.