President Obama and Worldview Reflection

When President Obama addressed the American media and people this week, the true issue was not gun control, nor the mass killings that have happened in recent years. Instead, what should have struck the majority of listeners is the massive lack of reflection on his own worldview – because that ultimately is the issue at hand. I understand the President’s philosophy regarding closing background check loopholes (note, I did not say I agree with him). However, in the midst of his speech, he mentioned how the mass killings at Sandy Hook and other places absolutely infuriate him, even to the point of tears, as viewers observed.

With this in mind, the question remains, where is the reflection on his own worldview? Meaning, why is it unacceptable that people are killed in unjustified violence in a classroom, movie theater or workplace, but, it is totally acceptable if this takes place in the exam/procedure room at a Planned Parenthood? Is it wrong to ask the President to apply the same standard of morality and justice to the “physicians” at the Planned Parenthood, as he would have applied to the/a gunman who opened fired on that same building? Why is the value of the one group of people, greater than the other? Inconsistency is the sign of a failed argument. And on this issue, our President, and others who support his policies, are inconsistent and demonstrate a total lack of awareness in regards to critical thought.

I agree with the President on one point – these senseless killings must stop. However, the basis for our agreement is totally different. I, like all who truly name Christ as Lord and Savior, see value in all people because they are made in the image of God…to include those in the womb. Hence, all human life is to be preserved and protected via the 6th Commandment, unless of course, someone forfeits that right by attempting to unjustly harm or take the like of others. The President, and others who hold his position, arbitrarily choose what life is of value, and what life is not. This is inconsistent, subjective and immoral. Hence, we had on full display this week, the worldview of those who know the truth about God, yet, “suppress the truth in unrighteousness” (Rom 1.18).