Harold Camping and the End of a Cult

Well, we’re on the eve of the Camping prediction and the internet is abuzz. Those at family radio have posted this warning to all;

So, how is this all going to go down? Will Camping retract his statements with only hours left before the “day of judgment?” Or, will he stick with the stated date and in the process, bring even more shame on the cross of Christ? I am currently writing this at 9 p.m. (EST). That means there is only three hours left until the “Rapture Party” begins, where thousands of atheists will mock the faith because they associate the famed cult leader with the orthodox Christian faith. Noting this, let it be known that Harold Camping does not represent Christianity…AT ALL. Rather, Camping is a heretic, who, a number of years ago, called for a mass exodus from the church to his followers – an event which corresponded with his removal from his own church body (he stated that the church was in essence, apostate, which was a very convenient considering his removal due to his first failed prophetic date). He is a blind guide with (blind) sheep that have been led astray.

However, we in the orthodox faith are not immune to this type of nonsense, as is evident from titles such as “The Late Great Planet Earth” and “88 reasons Why the Rapture Will be in 1988.” While many in the faith look upon these failed predictions as simple date setting gone astray, I see these failed prophetic announcements as much more severe. Prophetic dating may sell a great deal of books, this is true indeed. However, when they fail (and they will fail, because no man knows the day of Christ’s coming – Matthew 24:42) they also bring into question the validity, accuracy and authority of God’s Holy word. How is  the unbeliever who has been following these types of events supposed to take the faith and its founding documents seriously when, time after time, certain so-called modern-day prophets fail to get the date right? After all, if the Bible is so clear with its message, and this message repeatedly fails to come true time after time, then why should they trust it in matters of salvific importance, sin, moral absolutes, creation and so on?

Finally, for my orthodox brothers and sisters out there, “let not your heart be troubled” (John 14:1) because the faith will and is pushing forth into the world. Will the orthodox faith be associated with tomorrows failed event? Probability. Will the faith and the cross of Christ be shamed because  of this event?  Most likely. Will the Christian faith recover from such nonsense? Of  course, because the elect of God (Rom. 8:33), the true sheep(John 10:3) who have been chosen from before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:4), who are predestined to eternal life (Rom. 8:29), will continue to hear the truth of the Gospel (John 10:27), because the Lord is working out His perfect and immutable plan (Isa. 46:11)! Not for the glory of man, but, for His perfect glory (Rom. 9:23). And this, the Bible truly does guarantee!

UPDATE: TODAY IS THE DAY:-) No one gone from the Krause house as of yet…although, I really should go and check to see if my wife and baby in the other room have vanished. No earthquakes as of yet either…hmmm

I truly so pray for those deceived folks who have put so much hope and (false) faith into this. May the Lord, according to His will, show them the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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One thought on “Harold Camping and the End of a Cult

  1. You are right about the defamation of God’s Word, and Christ’s church that will result because of this nonsense. As if we do not have enough to be concerned about…

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