We’re All Still Here, Mr. Camping!!!

6 pm has come and gone and I’m still here and no one has been raptured…and so, the saga of May 21 comes to a close. I am really interested in tuning into Family Radio tonight, in hope that Camping will be doing a live show. However, I seriously doubt this, considering the circumstances.

The effect of this nonsensical event will soon pass in regards to the orthodox church. We must simply explain to those who oppose us that Harold Camping in no way represents the bride of Christ here on earth, the Bible, or the Lord Himself. After-all, to ridicule the faith because of a minority opinion or because of the testimony of one man and his followers is a Hasty Generalization, and is logically fallacious. However, for those Camping followers who longed to see this day, the horror and uncertainty of this non-event is just beginning. Some have left everything; jobs, homes, families, churches, life savings, education plans and so on. Really, they are about to embark on a whole new life. So, what will they do? It is indeed my hope and prayer that they repent and believe the true Gospel. For some, this may be the case and I pray that God will be gracious to them to give them ears to hear and eyes to see. However, for the majority, it is quite possible that they will; (1) continue to follow Camping (dependent on his statements following this worldwide embarrassment – will he repent? Will he call for a return to the church? Or, will he simply claim another miscalculation, and continue his con-job?), (2) leave all faith behind and disassociate themselves with Christianity altogether, or, (3) latch on to some other cult group, such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who have done a much better job at hiding their MANY false judgment day announcements.

Here is the link to Family Radio, so you can listen in for yourself. These next few days and weeks will be interesting to say the least. Also, be in prayer for these folks and remember, if it were not for the grace of God, that could be you and me.

Also, Dr. James R. White has been tracking Camping for years, and has a number of articles and MP3’s that will prove to be very helpful on this subject, which can be found here.

Visit the Applied-Apologetics Homepage By Clicking Here.


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